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I am a undergraduate studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley. Currently, I work as a researcher at Berkeley's NetSys Lab. My work involves writing software to run alongside Kubernetes clusters and automatically maintain user defined invariants. In addition to distributed computing, I am interested in machine learning, systems engineering, and data science. You can see some of my public work on Github.

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I want to do work that will influence the future. Whether that means developing software, researching system deployment, or working in some other sphere, I know that I will contribute insight and creativity towards meeting the challenges I face.


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In my spare time, I enjoy playing the piano and clarinet and attending music concerts at Berkeley. One of my favorite pastimes is playing online blitz chess and improving my rating. As for affiliations, I am involved in two on campus groups, IEEE and HKN. I am an active member of Berkeley IEEE and served as a Web Officer for the organization. I was elected as an HKN Officer this semester, and as part of my duties I organize industry and research talks, help with course reviews, hold tutoring hours, and mentor new students.